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There are lot of queries you may look answers for. Below Q&A will help you to greater extent.

  • How can I make a booking?

    Visit our premises. Check for the room availability and choose the room you need. You can make a token advance for reservation. If you need to join immediately, you can directly pay the fee and join immediately. No bookings are taken on call.

  • Is it necessary to identify myself?

    We need your government issued ID and Address proof along with a passport size color photo to attach with the application form when joining. We don’t intake, if you don’t have any.

  • How can I make payments?

    Payments are accepted by cash and cheques only and receipts are issued for the same.

  • Can I cancel my booking?

    If you have paid token advance and want to cancel, we allow 24 hours from the paid time to cancel and get refund. Else the money won’t be refunded.

  • What are the room tariffs?

    Room tariffs vary between room types and location you are looking for. So speak to us/visit the respective branches in person to know the exact details.

  • How do I reach there?

    Call us in the mobile number/respective branch’s land line number to get assistance if you need. You can locate us easily on Google maps. You can visit us any time between 6.00AM-9.00PM.

  • Can I use electrical gadgets while staying?

    Only electronic gadgets like mobiles, ipads, ipod, laptops and smaller power consuming gadgets like power banks are allowed as electronic items. Any electrical items like Cooker, induction top, water heater, roti maker, iron box, hair driers etc are strictly prohibited. If found, will be removed and not returned . It may also leads to penalization.

  • Do you have parking spaces?

    We do have enough parking areas for two wheelers inside and outside the campus walls. Few campuses can accommodate four wheelers too.

  • Who are all allowed to stay?

    Any female above 18 years are welcome to stay. Due to limited resources to look after, we don’t accommodate elders as well as woman with child/children. Female guests of residents can make a short stay in the daily rental basis.

  • Can I pack my food ?

    Yes, packaged lunches are available for residents. We thrive to serve our inmates better by providing quality and variety in food service. Both vegetarian and non vegetarian food are served as buffet service with the following timing

    • 1. Coffee/Milk: 6.00 - 7.00AM
    • 2. Breakfast & packed lunch: 7.00- 9.30AM
    • 3. Hot Lunch: 12.30- 2.00PM
    • 4. Snacks& Tea/Milk : 5.00- 6.00PM
    • 5. Dinner: 7.30- 9.30PM

    Menu for the month/week is displayed in the dining/notice area. Non-Veg is served twice or thrice a week. Food menu gets revised in intervals and based on residents’ requests. We do live counters for Dosa varities, rotis, pooris etc

    * Time may vary for weekends and some items are limited in serving

  • Is there discount in rent when food is opted out?

    No discount rental when food is not opted. But residents on continuous vacation for more than 30 days gets discount.

  • Is there an in-time to the hostel?

    Residents should reach hostel on or before 10.00PM. Prior information is compulsory for late coming and for staying outside during nights or going to home town.

  • What if I am working in late shifts and reach after 10PM?

    Provide necessary evidence from your company that you work late and ensure to come only by office cab till the entrance.

  • How do I know what benefits I get while I stay?

    Our website has all the details provided; branch wise perks for residents may vary. So speak to respective property manager/senior manager in detail to know about benefits you can avail while staying with us.

Feel free to call us or mail us for more details.