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Management Message

Shri management likes to address the Hostel seekers and Parents on what we focus and offer.

We offer a comfortable and hassle free accommodation for all girls(18+) and women either being a student , working or job seeker. With us taking care of all their needs while being with us, they will enjoy their stay.

Students friendly

Student residents find it comfortable as many of our facilities have vast open space other than rooms to study peacefully. We have Tamil as well as English newspapers and browsing machine inside all premises to help their education. We introduced snacks in the evening along with the Tea/Milk especially as students come back to hostel earlier in the evening and pursue their studies. We are providing shuttle services for the students who undergo training courses.

In-house Manager and Maintenance Staffs

We're always on duty for you and our premises are staffed 24/7 with in-house woman manager and manned security along with surveillance camera. Cooks are also residing over to ensure food is prepared and served on time. Housekeeping is taken care daily other than Sundays to ensure cleanliness in the campuses. All our staffs are trained by external professionals to help them perform their role better and treat the residents with respect and care. A senior manager is always available on call and visiting the campuses daily to ensure smooth operations. Management contact is listed for the residents to reach us directly on need. We always listen and respond to them and work to resolve the queries at the earliest.

Social Responsibility

As a social responsible company, we provide work assistance for the job seekers .We helped placement for some of our residents already in different sectors. We accommodate 20% of the residents from modest backgrounds in discounted price.


Everyone needs some fun time and why to miss it while being with us? We do conduct annual day programs and have in door games options like chess/ cards/ board games. We organize food festival events to provide them an exhaustive buffet with lot of varieties. The residents and managers team even had day outings together to relax and enjoy.

Benefits for residents

We do offer referral bonuses for the residents when they refer their friends to us. Also additional perks are provided like free laundry, special discounts on Rent and food for students, Rental discounts for working women etc.