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Rules & Regulations

All the residents who stays with Shri are liaison to the rules and regulations listed below which they sign while joining

  • Residents should reach hostel on or before 10.00PM. Prior information is compulsory for late coming and for staying outside during nights or going to home town

  • For those working in late night shifts, necessary evidence should be submitted to the hostel from the company.

  • Late shift residents have to come in company cab only till the entrance. No walking in roads to the premises is allowed.

  • Every in and out time needs to be entered in the Register kept at the reception as per government norms

  • Residents are required to keep their rooms and surroundings clean. No littering other than dustbins. No scribbling/postures/graffiti in rooms and restrooms.

  • No electrical equipments like hair drier, iron box, immersion heaters, induction tops etc to be used in the room, other than laptop, tabs and mobile. If found will be penalized and the equipments will be removed.

  • Rooms furniture, electrical equipments, windows, storages, doors etc are to be maintained properly by the residents. If any breakage occurs and person(s) causing damage cannot be identified, the loss as may be assessed will be distributed equally amongst all the residents of the room or group of residents’ hostel found responsible for damage

  • Food will be available only during the specified timings and no food wastage should be thrown in rooms/rest room bins.

  • Misuse of electricity, water and other facilities are liable to penalization

  • No visitors are allowed inside campus other than the designated area specified for meeting

  • Visitors of residents who stays as guests has to adhere to same rules

  • Residents at any cost, do not disturb the neighbors of the hostel or the other room mates by making loud noises, passing comments or by any other means

  • No physical /verbal abuse of fellow residents at any cost.

  • Any issues pertaining to the hostel staffs to be informed only to managers to get resolved.

  • Physical/verbal abuses of the hostel staffs are strictly prohibited.

  • Residents are responsible to keep their belongings safe and hostel management will not be responsible for the loss of the same

  • Residents should refrain from inviting friends of opposite gender to the hostel or conversing in closer proximity of the premises

  • Smoking, Chewing of Tobacco, Consuming, Storing or Supplying any kind of Alcoholic drinks or any other intoxicating drugs is strictly prohibited. If found will be expelled immediately

  • Hostel management will not be responsible for any kind of unlawful activities indulged by the residents and upon any misconduct or unlawful activities by residents, hostel management has the rights to vacate them immediately

  • Upon non adhering of rules, penalization to termination will be done based on the severity. Residents, Help us to serve you better. Same time, we are always here to assist you and resolve your concern if any..